Thanks! Good job!


Hey guys – THANK YOU SO MUCH for repairing the window at my condo so quickly! I couldn't get it appraised for the mortgage until it was repaired. Thanks for helping me "get my house."


A line to let you know you have a great crew working for you. They come in and get the job done, no mess or fuss. I enjoyed having them in my home. I can't leave Ray out, he is very good at his job, a great guy…I can't remember the girl's name on the phone, she was also kind and helpful. Keep up the great work!! I'll surely let friends know about your service.

Thanks Again,


I had a kitchen window replaced by your technicians today. They were very efficient in their work, cleaned up everything very neatly and were pleasant to deal with in their task. Thanks for the good service.


Hey Brian,

Josh & Sam just finished up here at CSXI. I wanted to take a moment and say Glassworks, Sam & Josh did a great job….very safe, good work, worked well with other subs and finished before schedule by a half day. I wish all my subs were that way…lol. Thanks again.

Danny McElroy

Field Manager, DB Kenyon

During the last year we had two bathrooms remodeled. In the one attached to our master bedroom, we had a shower enclosure that resembled a small closet. It felt very claustrophobic and was quite dark. We discussed with several bathroom remodelers a way to make it more open and airy. Most did not have the necessary vision to understand our desires. However, we found a tile installer who immediately saw what could be done. He referred us to Glassworks Plus to get an estimate for a thick glass enclosure. We went to them with a sketch and within minutes they gave us a drawing with a rough estimate of the costs. We proceeded with having the demolition and retiling. This involved having a couple of walls partially removed. When the time came to have the shower enclosure installed, we called Glassworks Plus who sent out a very nice person who measured and a few days later provided us with a detailed cost that was actually slightly less than the original estimate since they could see how to fit things properly. About two weeks later, they called and scheduled an installation. The installers were very efficient and professional. The enclosure is everything that we had hoped for. It is very aesthetically pleasing, opens and closes easily, and provides lots of light. We could not be more pleased.

Ron and Debbie

Good Morning Brian,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and compliment both Daphne and Josh. We had an issue at our corporate building involving the office of the company president. Josh was the service tech out and was more than helpful in helping resolve the issue, as always. I just wanted to take a minute to recognize him, he is always very thorough on his service tickets and I appreciate his feedback. Daphne is always helpful, no matter what the issue is. She is polite and very knowledgeable on the subject matter.

We greatly appreciate your services.

Sean Graver

Diversified Facilities Maintenance

I ordered a glass top for my coffee table here. I did all my questioning and quoting through email, great for a desk job person like me! The price wasn't bad at all, and the girl helping me was amazing. It didn't take more than a week to get my glass cut and tinted. I'll be back for another piece for my dining room soon enough!

Sarah F.

Columbus, OH

Yelp Review

One doesn't think much of calling a glass company unless they have a broken window. And then, what happens? Do you just make cold call after cold call looking for the right estimate? Do you ask your friends, your dog walker, your pastor, and that guy who smells like cheese at the gym that you usually avoid to get a good price on a broken window? And even then, how do you know you'll get quality service? How do you know they will be quick, efficient, and professional? How do you know that you won't be wishing it was repaired again in the next three months?

Working for a real estate company, I have the distinct pleasure of making all those cold calls. And talking to the glass companies. It's not nearly as fun as it sounds.

I was introduced to Glassworks Plus as one of the companies that we have done contract work with in the past. The first impression that they made on me was that they were quick to answer the phone, and their receptionist is friendly. In my last call to them, I had two queries -- one for new work, and one to complete work that one of our tenants had previously ordered.

I gave them a general description of what I needed, and they gave me several comprehensive scenarios that gave me a ballpark idea of what I would be paying. To be completely sure about what I was paying, they decided they would send someone out for a second opinion, and an even more accurate estimate, all free of charge.

On the item that our tenant previously ordered, they were quick to respond that it was done, and just waiting on us to set a time to complete the work. Once a time was set, their crew showed up on time, with the exact items we had ordered. After letting them in, they were quick to their work, working efficiently and without problems -- they had all the replacement windows that we ordered installed within a couple of hours, at best.

I've been very pleased with Glassworks Plus work so far -- which is why I'm turning to them first to get quotes on any more glass work that I need done. They are a little on the pricey side, but you are definitely paying for quality. I am glad to recommend Glassworks Plus to anyone who happens to have a stray window that needs to be replaced.

Joe C.

Columbus, OH

Yelp Review

On a Job Site Father's Day weekend, 2013 on which our entire crew gave up part of their Father's Day to help our with our customer's needs:

Thanks, things went very well this weekend. I appreciate the positive attitudes and the get done spirit that was exhibited.

Andy Apel


Showed up on time, set up shop outside, looked at the two windows, took out old panes, put in new panes and glazing, put everything back together and cleaned up after themselves. Took about an hour and went about their work quietly and efficiently.

Dona S.

They were very professional and courteous. No issues with the service at all and I would use them again in a heartbeat.

William F.

They removed the broken glass and reinstalled new insulated glass in my rental's windows. The installer took all of his trash and glass, there was nothing for the cleaning crew to clean up! Great Job. Would use them again if I had to, but I hope I don't.

The Columbus SWAT Team took out the windows in my rental. They were really good at it too. So I needed a bunch of new replacement insulated window glass. I called around and received several estimates. I thought I needed a front door too, which I did not, but Glassworks was recommended. They did the estimate and were the lowest. Once the replacement windows arrived, as scheduled, they were installed professionally and we had nothing to clean up. Would highly recommend them.

Tonya L.

Our initial impression was one of caring people with a human touch, who were sympathetic to the position we were in. That alone endeared them to me. But as we got into the work, the good impression was verified at every turn. They were easy to contact, reliable about keeping appointments and returning calls, the people we worked with were courteous and honest, they took the time to explain things in detail, and when the unit turned out to be defective, they stepped right up to the plate. This in spite of the fact that they do not get reimbursement for their labor charges from the company that delivered the defective door. They absorbed the loss themselves, and I only know this because I asked. I would recommend this company to anybody. They're good people, doing good work.

Susan D.

My dog sitter had trouble opening my door to care for my dogs and so I told her to break a window to get in. Of course I had to replace the window ASAP.

I chose the company based on ratings by other customers and was pleased. The company lived up to its A rating. The service provider came to my home that very day. Unfortunately I was about 20 minutes late to the appointment but the provider stayed and waited for me, saving me from having to reschedule. He was courteous and professional. The work was completed on time, the glass was good quality and installed correctly. I'll definitely call them again.

Marilyn L.

We have used Glassworks Plus several times from replacing a full window to adjusting a glass door.

They have always been on time and professional. Usually they fix the problem by a lot less work and money than we expect. Will call them again.

Alisa A.

I am very impressed with the courtesy, consideration and professionalism of the employees there, and would definitely call upon their services in the future.

Barbara B.


Helene C.

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